Book Overview

Conquering Innovation Fatigue:

Overcoming the Barriers to
Personal and Corporate Success

by Jeffrey Dean Lindsay, Cheryl Perkins, and Mukund Karanjikar

(published by John Wiley & Sons, 2009)

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Conquering Innovation Fatigue is for inventors, entrepreneurs, researchers and leaders seeking success through innovation. It reveals the sometimes hidden barriers–nine major “innovation fatigue factors”–that can block the path to innovation success, and shows how to face them.

Conquering Innovation Fatigue takes a unique personal look at the challenges innovators face in their journey, invoking the metaphor of immigrants in a strange land facing barriers at multiple levels. By drawing upon case studies of success and advances in innovation theory and practice – some presented here for the first time – the authors show how innovation can be energized to conquer innovation fatigue.

Conquering Innovation Fatigue will teach you how to:

  • Recognize and overcome the nine major innovation fatigue factors, including critical factors that corporations and individual inventors must understand (including those in corporations and universities).
  • Prepare for successful licensing or marketing of inventions with holistic intellectual assets (360° IA™) and other tools for success.
  • Use the “Circuit of Innovation™â€ model that guides innovators in connecting their products to the marketplace.
  • Avoid unintended innovation-killers resulting from corporate policies and actions.
  • Exploit low-cost intellectual assets (not just patents!) to increase the odds of success with disruptive innovation, or reduce the risk of competitive disruption.
  • Turn the problematic “innovation funnel” upside down to create more efficient, targeted innovation using the new “Horn of Innovation™â€ paradigm – a music-inspired model that makes better use of innovator skills and business strategy.
  • Tap the innovation power of Da Vinci (but probably not the Da Vinci you know!), as described in the chapter, “Da Vinci in the Boardroom.”
  • Strengthen open innovation for success.
  • Understand the power of intellectual assets in solving some of the biggest challenges in disruptive innovation.

Conquering Innovation Fatigue is written by Jeff Lindsay, Cheryl Perkins, and Mukund Karanjikar, who draw upon decades of innovation experience over a wide span of personal and professional situations. That experience, combined with lessons from many other inventors, entrepreneurs, and global experts, provides rich treasures of knowledge and insight in this book to help you better navigate the path to innovation success.

Whether you are a part-time inventor or an R&D team member in a corporation, a university researcher or a government leader hoping to make a difference, a small business owner or a corporate CEO–if you wish to achieve or promote success through innovation, this book is for you.

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