Here are some free excerpts from the book. Each will open in a new window.

Table of Contents

This is a PDF file, 92 kB in size, with a format very close to that of the printed book (taken from the page proofs).

The Preface

Here we give an overview of the book and its purpose. It’s a 50 kB PDF file.

Chapter 1: An Introduction to Innovation Fatigue

Getting into the basic premise and issues of the book, and introducing the metaphor of immigration for the difficult journey of the innovator. A 456 kB PDF file.

Chapter 15: Orion Energy Systems: Creative Solutions to External Fatigue

This is one of my favorite case studies of innovation success, based on a personal interview I conducted at Orion’s Wisconsin headquarters with CEO Neal Verfuerth and other leaders. There are many lessons one can extract from Neal’s experiences to guide innovators at all stages of their journey. This is a 175 kB PDF file.

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