CoDev, the Open Innovation Forum, Is Coming to Shanghai


One of my favorite conferences dealing with the details of successful open innovation and technology transfer strategy is CoDev, the annual conference sponsored by the Management Roundtable and now chaired by Cheryl Perkins of Innovationedge. I think I’ve been there four times and it was always worthwhile and extremely helpful. I’m pleasantly surprised that CoDev is extending their scope to include a conference in Shanghai, China this year on Dec. 4-5.

CoDev Asia 2012 will offer participants new tools to accelerate R&D and new product development by forming wise alliances with outside organizations such as start-ups, larger companies, universities, and other institutions. From technology scouting to research management to partnership contracts, CoDev Asia will offer insights, resources, practical experience, and connections that can help your company retool and accelerate your innovation engines.

I was recently inspired by the vast international innovation experience of a leader from Procter and Gamble, Bert Grobben, who will be one of the speakers at the conference. I also recently heard Yan Sheng, President of Intellectual Ventures-China, speak and am impressed with what he has to share. In fact, among the other speakers at the event is a wealth of experience and information that might be helpful to you. On the other hand, I’ll also be a speaker (just a panelist, not too dangerous), so look out–but you don’t have to attend my session.

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